Women’s Association Football Leagues

Women playing association football should not be anything surprising, in fact, many people watch it with a passion. There is a women’s World Cup, just like there is a World Cup for men.

For instance, punters love women’s football because it is far less popular than football but is still the sport they prefer. Many prefer women’s football due to it being a less popular variant of football, with the odds ever so slightly being shifted towards the bettors. Remember to visit review sites before choosing your sportsbook (women’s football is a bit rarer in brick and mortar sportsbooks outside the UK), read a review and get acquainted with your site of choice. Reviews should be unbiased, like this SportStack Review. Choose a sportsbook which offers international women’s football leagues.

Speaking of which, here are the most famous international women’s football leagues.

FA Women’s Super League

Just like the Premier League, the Super League is the first tier league of football in England. There are currently 11 teams competing in the league. The last two teams are relegated to the next tier of competition. The best two teams, the winners and runner-ups, get a spot in the UEFA Women’s Champions League. The most popular teams are Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester City, basically all the clubs which are popular in the Premier League, as well.

Primera División – The Spanish First Division

The Spanish First Division is the highest tier of women’s football in Spain. There are 16 teams in total, competing for the 2018/2019 season. Just like with the Super League, the top two teams get to play in the UEFA Women’s Champions League. The most popular teams in the First Division are Barcelona, Atletico Madrid, Valencia, as well as Athletic Club Feminino, or otherwise known as Athletic Bilbao, with 5 championship titles. There is a second tier league to which the worst two teams are relegated to the Division B.

Serie A

The Italian league is named identically as the men’s one, or at least the shorter version of the name. The league is a very old one, dating back to 1968. It changed over the years, but today 12 teams play in the league, each season. The top two go to the UEFA Women’s Champions League while the last two get relegated to the Serie B. The most popular clubs are just like the men’s, Juventus and A.C. Milan.


Often called Bundesliga, but also Frauen-Bundesliga, to make it distinct from the men’s league, is the top tier level of competition in Germany. The Bundesliga has been around since 1990 and currently has 12 teams competing. The story is the same like in the other leagues, the top two go to the UEFA Women’s Champions League and the bottom two get relegated. The most popular clubs are Bayern Munich, 1. FFC Turbine Potsdam, 1. FFC Frankfurt, and VfL Wolfsburg.

These are the most popular women’s association football leagues in the world. Brazil has some leagues and so do the other countries but Europe’s leagues are the most popular ones.