Weirdest Football Matches in History

Football matches can get a bit…weird. Just last year, an average punter would search for bonus codes like pinnacle vip 코드 to make the matches like the one between North and South Korea more entertaining. The two countries, technically at war, played aggressively against each other and the North Koreans would often act like their South Korean opponents did not exist outside the match. Still, this is not the weirdest football match ever played. Here are some that qualify for the title.

Barbados 4–2 Grenada

In 1994, Barbados faced off against Grenada in the Caribbean Cup. There was a strange rule that was implemented. In the case of a tie, there would be extra time and the golden goal. However, the golden goal was worth two goals. Barbados needed to win with a two-goal difference or more to qualify for the final tournament. They scored against Grenada with 2–0 and all was going well…until Grenada also scored a goal.

This put Barbados in a tough spot. To solve it, they scored an own goal, bringing the score to 2–2 and forcing the game to go to extra time. Before the extra time, however, Grenada figured out Barbados’ strategy and tried to score on both goals while Barbados was defending them both. In extra time, Barbados won with 4–2, using the golden goal.

Hungary 4–2 Brazil

It was 1954. Hungary was awesome and so was Brazil. It was more than reasonable to expect the greatest football match at the FIFA World Cup Quarter-Final. In only seven minutes, Hungary scored two goals. Brazilians were scared of what this could mean, which made them play more aggressively, resulting in more and more fouls and fights. Finally, a foul by Humberto Tozzi against Gyulaw Lorant resulted in fans and the audience members swarming the pitch and joining the fight. The police were called to clear the crowd, but the Brazilian team went on to fight the Hungarians in the Hungarian dressing room.

Fortepn adományozó MAGYAR HÍREK FOLYÓIRAT / CC BY-SA (

France 4–1 Kuwait

The 1982 FIFA World Cup marked the first and only appearance of Kuwait. The French team were better organized and were leading 3–1 when Alain Giresse scored a goal against Kuwait. There was just one problem – the defenders did not respond, as they interpreted the whistle from the crown as the one from the referee. Kuwait protested the goal to no avail until Sheikh Fahad Al-Ahmed Al-Jaber Al-Sabah himself stormed up to the referee and started arguing. Miroslav Stupar finally relented, after the Sheikh signaled for the players to leave the pitch.    

West Germany 1–0 Austria

At the same World Cup that had a Sheikh fight the ref, West Germany and Austria hatched a plan to eliminate Algeria from the competition in the game that will forever be known as the Disgrace of Gijón.

A win by West Germany by one or two goals would ensure that both West Germany and Austria qualify. West Germany scored a goal in the first ten minutes and the rest of the game both teams were playing extremely defensively, eliminating Algeria. The teams were not penalized by FIFA.