The Most Important Trophies in Football

Football is all about winning! In order to be the best, you have to have a winning mentality. And the symbols of victories and success are the trophies. Each young boy that dreams of becoming a football player one day also dreams of lifting a trophy.

But which trophy do they dream of?

We ask the question – Which are the most important trophies and awards in football?

There are a lot and today we talk about the most prestigious ones while you can predict the winner of the next important award by signing in to BetMGM nj.

The FIFA World Cup Trophy

There is no greater honor than playing for your country. Every football player dreams of appearing at the biggest football stage that is the FIFA World Cup. Nations clashing against each other and battling it out for the right to call themselves the best cannot be understood by somebody who doesn’t play football.

This is why winning this award is considered so prestigious. It also comes from the fact that competition comes every four years and there aren’t many occasions to win one. Some of the best players in the world, like Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi, can’t say that they were able to win this trophy. At least not yet.

The Champions League Trophy

The Champions League Trophy is the most important award in club football. Although other continents have their iteration of the same competition, the one held in Europe is still viewed as the one that holds the highest regard.

It is not easy going through all the stages and reaching the finals and eventually winning the award. Many have tried and failed but the ones that have succeeded will forever have their names remembered in the annals of world football.

The club that won the Champions League the most times is Real Madrid. Players from this cub have confessed that they get especially motivated when playing in the Champions League. They may not win the Primer title back home but if they win the Champions League their season will be considered as a successful one.

The Golden Ball

The Golden Ball award, also known as the Ballon d’Or, is an individual award given to the best player in Europe. The award is established by one of the most famous football magazines, France Football, which is still being printed today on a weekly basis. So the award is actually given by the magazine and at one time it was merged with the FIFA Best Player Award, but today the two work separately.

However, winning the Ballon d’Or is considered as one of the greatest awards that an individual football player could win. Football is a team sport and teamwork is what wins medals. However, there are exceptional individuals that also have to be acknowledged. The Ballon d’Or is one of the ways of showing that.

Jaime de la Fuente / CC BY (

The Premier League Title

The English Premier League is often considered as the best league in Europe. This is mainly because there are no clear contenders to the top when the season starts. Winning a Premier League title is not as easy as winning some other league trophy in Europe. That is why players that have done so feel honored and cherish the memory of lifting the trophy that is definitely one of the hardest ones to get.