Which are the Most Famous Football Stadiums in the World?

Even though we have the technology today that helps us watch and bet on football games on bet-bonus-code.ie from anywhere in the world, watching a game live is still a unique feeling. There is no better way of enjoying a football match than with a large crowd and supporters of both teams shouting and cheering.

But for this experience to be fulfilled entirely there needs to be a suitable football venue. Making this experience complete are exceptional stadiums from all around the world that possess something really special about them.

Let’s mention a few of the most famous ones.

Wembley (United Kingdom)

The Wembley Stadium, commonly referred to as the Home of Football, was originally built in 1923. It was known for bringing the best out of audiences and was capable of creating an electrifying atmosphere.

However, the old stadium was rebuilt and in its place now stands the new Wembley stadium established in 2007. But the new one took everything good about the original and expanded on those positives. The famous Wembley Arch is probably the most recognizable piece of infrastructure in world football history.

Allianz Arena (Germany)

The Allianz Arena is not only the most famous stadium in the world it is also one of the most technologically advanced ones. It is characterized by placing the fans closer to the pitch so the atmosphere is brought to a whole new level.

Allianz Arena is the home of both Munich based clubs – Bayern and Munich 1860. The stadium has a unique ability to change colors based on which team is playing. So the exterior of the Arena will turn red for Bayern and blue for Munich 1860 during home games.

Camp Nou (Spain)

The place that Barcelona calls home is their famous stadium Camp Nou. It has the honor of calling itself Europe’s biggest stadium as it has the capacity of accommodating 98,757 people. Actually, it was larger during the 1982 World Cup finals when it was able to accept 120,000 people. But due to regulation, the capacity was reduced.

But Camp Nou is much more than a stadium. It is a place of worship for the fans and the club’s motto “more than a club” echoes that idea.

San Siro (Italy)

San Siro is not just Italy’s biggest stadium but also one of the largest and most famous ones in the world. It has the capacity to seat 80,018 people and possesses a unique ability to provide each fan with maximum visibility no matter where they sit.

San Siro is home to two of the most famous clubs in Italy and the venue of the greatest rivalry in Italian football. Both AC Milan and Inter Milan are proud to call this stadium their home.

The Maracana (Brazil)

Brazil’s biggest stadium in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Rio de Janeiro. This venue will forever be remembered for hosting the game between Brazil and Uruguay in the group stages of the 1950 World Cup. Unfortunately, the home team lost but 199,854 people attended.