Most Interesting Football Transfers

Football is a very loved sport, everyone talks about, everyone plays it, and most importantly everyone watches it at some point in their life. However, we don’t really notice the transfers all too often, we just mainly watch our favourite teams and that’s about it. What’s interesting about these transfers though, is how much they cost and especially where they come from. From Chinese transfers to American transfers, it happens everywhere. Which ones are the most interesting though? Most importantly, how hugely expensive can these transfers get? Very high, that is for sure! You won’t believe just how much money goes into these and for what cause. Let’s find out just how much.

David Luiz

Being one of the most expensive transfers, the fee was up to 50 million Euros. Out of all defenders who transferred, his was the most expensive. He used to participate in the team Chelsea but moved to Paris Saint-Germain. This professional football player from Brazil has won Leagues and even the FA cup back in 2011. When he played for Chelsea, he was loved by his fans and was awarded tremendously for how good he played. In Paris Saint-Germain he also won big with many championships. You can find him playing a Centre Back or a Defensive Midfielder. Whichever one he plays at the time you can be sure the crowd will cheer loudly.

Angel Di Maria

For this footballer, the amount of money was 75 million Euros to be transferred from Real Madrid to Manchester United. This is the biggest amount of money that any of the British Clubs have paid for a transfer. Because of disappointing points, he played for them instead to try and help out the odds. He usually takes the position of Winger but occasionally you can also find him as the Attacking Midfielder as well. This Argentine professional player will be sure to make the crowd a very happy one.

James Rodriguez

For this transfer, it was boosted very high up to 80 million Euros. He went from Monaco to Real Madrid making him the the most expensive player ever to come from Columbia. In Real Madrid he is also one of the most expensive by hitting the ranking of number 3. He is well known throughout the world for his spectacular performance during the 2014 World Cup and because of that, Monaco really didn’t want to lose him. However, with the money he transferred anyway. He plays on two positions as a Winger and Attacking Midfielder. Very loved by the crowd, he is praised for his excellent sportsmanship with skills and technique. Not very many can play like James.