About 2018 FIFA World Cup

This year’s FIFA World Cup has everyone excited and ecstatic.  The teams and the fans are ready for one of the biggest sports event in the world. To make sure you don’t fall behind on the latest news, here are a few highlights.

Iceland Surprises Argentina

This has been the talk of the internet ever since it came about. The score of 1 – 1 came as a big shock, especially when you consider that on one side you have Lionel Messi, and on another a small team of an even smaller nation, home to the football coach who is a part-time dentist! The thing that Messi’ fans have a difficulty forgiving is his ill-fated miss of the penalty kick that would have secured Argentina’s victory. He was so angry and disappointed that he supposedly tore off his team captain’s armband.

Ronaldo Manages a Draw

Portugal was saved in a draw, thanks to its hero, Cristiano Ronaldo. The final score was 3 – 3 and it is worth noting that Spain also had a champion of their own, who gave Portugal defense a run for their money. Diego Costa may have been a fearsome opponent, but his achievements against Portugal were no match for Ronaldo’s hat trick, the beginning of which occurred only three and a half minutes into the match.

Croatians Win against Nigeria

Croatia climbed to the top of Group D, as they defeated Nigeria 2 – 0, making it the only country in that group with three points. Croats had an ace in the hole in the form of Luka Modric, who was the unequivocal Budweiser Man of the match, as it was his corner kick that facilitated the first goal. As Croatia rises to the top, Nigeria hits the bottom, since it is the only team with no points in Group D. It still needs to face Argentina and Iceland, but, so far, things do not look good for “Super Eagles”.

Denmark Wins, But…

Denmark defeated Peru, securing three point that will, no doubt, be very useful in the upcoming matches, as Christian Eriksen, the Danish midfielder, was very unhappy with how things turned out. The Danes believe they could have played a better game, and that this win was nothing to boast about. The injury of William Kvist could seriously hinder the team’s chances of future wins, as the players are distracted and disappointed, though not defeated. Will Denmark rise to the challenge is something that remains to be seen.