Interesting football slots

What are football slots? Believe it or not, they are slots with a theme following the world’s most popular sport. Is there any particular reason you should be playing a football slot, instead of a simpler one, with fruit and/or numbers? If you are a true football fan, who also enjoys games of chance, you should give them a whirl. And today, we will tell you about a few interesting ones that you should check out.

Shoot! by Microgaming

Microgaming is definitely worth checking out, as it is making huge strides towards the top of the industry. One of their notable business moves was the famous VR roulette in 2016, where they combined their games with Oculus Rift technology.

As for Shoot!, it takes us back to the 80s and 90s. This slot is more than 5 years old, but it still holds up today. With numerous multipliers, and spins you can play to get free spins, it is really something to enjoy as the images of the legendary football stars from twenty years ago help you win.

Soccer Safari by Microgaming

Another football slot by Microgaming, though this one is clearly targeting the American audience. This is evident through their use of the word “soccer”, which is the American name for this game, while the people in UK, the origin of Microgaming, call the game “football’. The second reason why someone might think it is aimed at American gamblers is that it features safari animals as players and fans.

The game is a standard 5-reel, 30-payline type, with the safari logo being the wild symbol. Be on the lookout for the zebra and the trophy, as these are scatter symbols. This is a great game for people who not only enjoy the slots, but have a sense of humor as well.

Bicicleta by Yggdrasil

Let us take a break from Microgaming and shift our focus towards Yggdrasil. Arguably one of the best games out there, Bicicleta comes with interesting features and an unusual amount of effort placed in animation. There is a trophy bonus, which is somewhat random, and it can give you additional spins and up to 1000 coins.

An even more interesting bonus comes in the form of players, who, after you’ve played a spin, try to score a goal using a scissor kick. Should they succeed, their space becomes a sticky wild, meaning that it stays there for subsequent spins. Ergo, the more you spin, the more you win. That’s not all – with the help of the trophy, and if you are lucky enough, there is a small possibility that a whole reel will turn into sticky wilds!