Dreaming of being a football manager? Try fantasy football!

If you consider yourself to be a keen football fan who never misses any game and you believe that you could assemble a perfect team that would never lose, you should test your knowledge and dedication by playing fantasy football.

Fantasy football is a game in which you play the role of a football manager who creates an imaginary team of real-life football players. Your success depends on the actual performance of these players because the game is based on real statistical data. Also, the game helps you keep a record of your favorite players as well as their rivals and it can boost your popularity among other football fans because they will see you as an expert in football.

What’s more, you can use all this valuable information to increase your chances of winning when betting on football. There are various football games that you can play or bet on both online and offline, from those simpler ones such as football casino games to more complex ones such as fantasy football. Just as this Bitstarz bonus code 2018 can help people who start playing casino games, our guide can help you play fantasy football. But before we go into more detail, you should know that the best fantasy football game in England is Fantasy Premier League or FPL, and it is completely free.

Fantasy Premier League   

Fantasy Premier League is not a classic football management game. The goal of the game is to guess which real-life players will have the best results in real-life matches. You make one team of players that you think will be the best, but you cannot pick more than three players from a real Premier League team. And don’t think that you can pick all superstars, because you have a certain amount of funds that you cannot exceed while putting together your team.

How to play Fantasy Premier League

You start the game by selecting a team of 15 players that can be arranged in different formations. After that, you pick your FPL team’s name and you are ready to go.

Each gameweek you pick 11 out of your 15 players and depending on their performance in real-life games, you get a certain number of points at the end of the week. The remaining four players are your reserves and they don’t bring you points, unless they substitute some players in your initial team due to unforeseen circumstances. But keep in mind that your player can be substituted only by a player in the same position. If it happens that you don’t have a substitute for a position, you will not be able to score points because there will be no player in that position.

Furthermore, each gameweek you get one free transfer and extra transfers that cost you -4 points per transfer. You can save up to two free transfers and use them when you really need them.

Other than transfers, there are some special actions that will help you gain an advantage. One of them refers to selecting the team captain. The team captain gets double points each gameweek, so you should always choose your best player as the team captain. Another one is the Bench Boost chip which brings you points for all of your 15 players, but it can be used only once a season. Other special actions include activating three captains or one week of unlimited free transfers.

There are many more exciting features of Fantasy Premier League, and other fantasy football games in general, but we will let you discover them by yourself.