4 Techniques Used by Sportsbooks to Attract New Players and Keep Them Coming Back

We are on the verge of seeing the online betting industry either fall into the abyss caused by immersive competition among the bookies or going stronger than ever. Their level of generosity is in a continuous process of flirting with the boundaries which, if crossed, could result in overall decline both money-wise and popularity-wise.

So far, one could have noticed that there is a pattern followed by the majority of bookies that is used to attract new customers and retain the old ones. Let’s check out some of these techniques and the manner they can be used in order to provide certain benefits for both punters and platforms.

Welcome Bonuses

Welcome bonuses represent one of the most popular ways to attract new players since they basically represent giving out bonus money for everyone who decides to register and make a deposit. All visitors who want to claim the bonus after signing up for the betting site need to use some kind of code or voucher to activate it.

Limited Events

In order to get the most out of a sports event, bookies often use limited offers while those events last. For example, many of them offer special promotions and awards during the World Cup. These promotions can include various goodies such as better odds, cashback promos, and more.

Another type of limited events is usually triggered during holidays. Bookies often create special Christmas promotions that award successful punters with additional trophies.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are a great way to remind new players that they have recently registered at an online sportsbook and they should visit your platform to place bets. The trick with push notifications is to make them short, sweet, and captivating so that the person reading them can become interested in what you have to say and visit your site right away to find out more.

Affiliate Marketing

Last but not the least important technique is affiliate marketing. Many online bookies and casinos offer affiliate programmes which enable marketers to promote the platform and get a share from bringing players to the site.

Let’s say you are a person who is knowledgeable in digital marketing and is looking to earn some dough by promoting some brand or platform. Bookies are often willing to collaborate and even have teams devoted to working with marketers and helping them in their effort to promote the site.


Although thousands of people are actively having fun while placing bets at online sportsbooks, that is still not enough for this ever-growing industry which could potentially become the next big thing.

Therefore, many bookies have actively been developing strategies for getting more punters who would enjoy using their platforms for placing bets on their favourite sports and events. Naturally, a high competition is clearly visible as platforms use very generous offers and bonuses to attract new customers, apart from utilising other tactics for retaining the old users.