The Joys of Amateur Football

You don’t have to be the football superstar to experience all the trill of this amazing sport. For those who prefer watching football rather than actually playing it, online sportsbooks such as Casa de apuestas Argentina offer great option for spicing up their football experience with additional excitement. For those who do want to play, but are not part of any professional league, amateur football leagues where footballers play simply for the love of the game can easily become one of most rewarding experiences of your life!

We can all agree that professional football has become too commercial in recent years. It’s full of hype, advertisements and overpaid professionals. Luckily, anyone can experience the true spirit of football by joining one of the many amateur leagues. You can play either 11-a-side football, or increasingly popular 5, 6 and 7-a-side leagues.

The main reason why you should start playing amateur football is simply because it is incredibly fun. You will kick and get kicked, fall and get up, finish top and bottom, and experience all kinds of highs and lows fighting along your teammates to win every ball, and you will always come back asking for more.

Also, amateur football is more relaxed than professional football. You don’t have to commit to a rigorous training and diet, in fact drinking a lot of beer after the game is part of the fun. Sunday league will take you back to the old days of football, when it was still possible to turn up ten minutes before kick-off, with no warm-up, play with hangover and smoke a fag at half-time. It is a muddy affair, pitches are terrible, the tackles will shatter your bones, the strategy amounts to “let’s win this one guys”, and the rules are pretty much lacking the whole time, but you will enjoy every second of it.

You will also get to meet all kinds of funny characters. On the field you will always find: the gifted guy who often scores goals but is too lazy to make a real effort (usually complaining about others not working hard enough); the big guy who is so good he could have turned pro had he been able to give up beer and burgers; the mountain of a man who will crash you if you stand in his way; a guy who takes it too seriously, yelling all the time and giving weird prep talks; the annoyingly athletic guy who is just so much better than everyone else… These people will give you bruises, punches, kicks, headaches and worse, but most importantly, together you will share some truly unforgettable memories.