Top News about Altrincham Hale FC – ADAFL 2017

Altrincham Hale FC is a highly performing team of the Altrincham & District Amateur League of 2017, Division AA. According to the League Table, the club is positioned of third place after Club AZ, with the exact number of points, 46.

The manager of club is Robert Walsh who is also the manager for the first team. A month ago, in April 2017, the manager was looking for coaches who could join the club and train their first and second teams. The ad should still be active, and any coaches who would like to be part of one of the most prestigious teams in the League are encouraged to apply.

Altrincham Hale FC operates 3 Saturday men teams in the Manchester Football League and Altrincham and District Amateur Football League and one Sunday men team in the Cheshire & Manchester Sunday League. The club also has the Open Age Ladies team registered to compete in the Cheshire Womens & Youth Football League.

There are a couple of important events coming up for the team, as the football season ends soon. The team was in the last year’s final of the Altrincham & District FA Cup, against Broadheath Central. The final took place on 27 March on the Altrincham Venue. Unfortunately the champion of the 2016 FA Cup was their rival, Broadheath Central.
However, regardless of the result of the FA Cup Final, the club was awarded multiple times on the Awards Night 2016, for all their teams. Their first, second and Sunday teams are having great results. The players excel in the games and last year, their first teams was promoted into Manchester League.

The first team was voted into the Manchester League after the excellent 3rd place finish in Division One of the Altrincham & District League of last season. This is a great opportunity and success for an amateur football club.

However, back to the Award Night, there are some players and staff of the club who deserve to be nominated here. Steven Reid received the Most MOM award. Paul Grady received the Golden Glove, Liam Hamer was awarded the Clubman, and Liam Paterson, the Champagne Moment award.

The first team got many awards, starting with Jameson Lee, the Player Award. Andrew Page received the Player’s Player and the Senior Player awards, Jack Yates got the Golden Boot award, Will Pidgeon received the New Player award, Max Youds was awarded the Young Player.

The Reserves Team promoted some of the best players to the first Division which is today called AA. These players are Sanger Ismail, James Brownell, Steven Reid, and a Rick Vogt Hat Trick. They should be seen on the field this season.

With such great potential, the team attracted many sponsors, and their last contract went to the Under Armour Team Sports. The sponsorship started last year in August, shortly after the first team’s debut in the Manchester Football League.

Although the club went through many changes and restructures, the quality of the gameplay wasn’t affected. Players come and go, but the reputation of the team remained unaffected. Some important changes were made last year, after the great promotion into the Manchester League. The purpose of all changes is to help the club strengthen the decision making processes and continue with its future plans for expansion and development.