Partington Rovers to raise funds for the club – ADAFL 2017

Partington Rovers is one of the football clubs from Altrincham and District Amateur Football League which are involved in various activities with the purpose to raise their funds. Being a new team, the need for support is enormous, so funds really come in handy. Luckily, the club found great sponsors and created context for people to know who they are and what they do, and decide to give them some precious support.

Partington Rovers is a community football club which aims to provide people of all ages with the opportunity to play this challenging sport. They train children and youth in an environment that is both fun and rewarding.

Last year for example, the club received a big donation of £500 from GE Power. GE Power is one of the big partner companies which are constructing the Carrington Power Station on Manchester Road. This company had many means from which they were able to earn donations, like several companies and even the workers from the station who donated regularly for various causes. Last year Partington Rovers was the destination of the donation. GE Power picked Partington Rovers FC because they provide training for children of all ages and abilities and wanted to help them at the start.

The donation went to the teams in the range of 6-10 years old since they were lacking the so much needed football kits. Therefore these children were able to enjoy their team games and learn to play football and feel they were actually part of a football team, all these provided by the kits. It was an immense opportunity for the young teams to experience these changes.

Another fund raising event the club organized last year, was the Partington Rovers Family Fun Day which took place on 23 July from 11 AM to 5 PM at the Partington Sports & Social Club. They had a funfair with many fun rides and stalls, a tombola, cool games and a tasty barbecue. It was a nice event where people could get to know the club more and help them with their difficult start. It’s always nice to see people getting together, having fun and create a web of support, basically a stronger community where each person is involved.

Partington Rovers is planning to grow the club to have an acceptable number of teams and to get the FA Charter Standard Football Club Award.