The Latest Football Transfers – Summer Transfer Window 2019

Sports are always entertaining when transfer windows open. While punters are off reading reviews about new sportsbooks and already existing ones, like this Bwin sports betting review, football club fans are neck deep in the rumors department, waiting to see where a good player will end up and whether their club will lose someone who kept them on their toes.

The transfer season in football is when dramatic things happen, or when people think that they will happen. The summer transfer window of 2019 is, like any summer transfer window, a very exciting time to be following football. Here are the most interesting transfers from the 2019 summer transfer window, including rumors.

Neymar Jr. – The Golden Boy

Neymar Jr. has been looking to get out of Paris Saint-Germain for a while now, at least that’s what the people say. His deal, when PSG purchased him, was one of the costliest ones ever. Plenty of other teams are looking at Neymar, as he could be a significant boost to any of them. Among the many teams that could purchase Neymar, Barcelona, his previous team, are one of the possible options. Real Madrid, one of Barca’s biggest competitors in the domestic league is another option. Juventus is looking at Neymar, to make quite a combo with him and Cristiano Ronaldo. Neymar is wanted for his prowess, shown by his titles in 3 different regions, not to mention a UEFA Champions League title.

Balotelli Comes Home

Mario Balotelli, former player for Inter and Milan has finally come home, meaning Italy. He was transferred to Brescia, after being teamless for a while. A striker, at 29 years of age, he was apparently not the hottest of possible transfers. He played for various clubs like Manchester City, Inter, Marseille, Liverpool and Milan. Having been on so many different clubs would probably make him a top choice, but apparently, that was not the case. The world of football transfers is full of interesting decisions.

Suarez – He Likes Ajax

Suarez is a player known for a couple of things besides good football. Sometimes he bites people when playing. But, he is also quite known for loving one of the first clubs he played for, Ajax. Currently sitting in Barcelona, formerly of Liverpool, Suarez is one of the best strikers out there. If he gets his way, he will eventually end up in Ajax again.

Coutinho – Moving to Bayern Munich for a While

Barcelona isn’t impressed with Philippe Coutinho, the young Brazilian midfielder or winger. He had a good showing on Liverpool, prior to joining Barcelona, but his season on Barca was sub par, at least according to Barcelona who agreed to have him loaned to Bayern Munich. Moving from one top tier team to another isn’t really bad. He is out on a one year loan with a possibility of purchase should Bayern wish to do so.

Shaqiri Unhappy With Lack of Games

Xherdan Shaqiri, the Swiss national winger, is unhappy with how many games he played as a starter for Liverpool. Given that he, and everybody else, expected him to be a starter for most of the time, he is looking for a solution to his Liverpool situation.

These are the most interesting stories on the transfer market of 2019. Summer can be hot, and these stories certainly are.