Broadheath Central FC Trains Juniors in 2017

Broadheath Central FC is training many junior teams and accepts new registrations for coaching and training. This service is an integral part of the club’s activity for a long time and it’s becoming more popular over the years.

If you have a child who likes to play football and has skills and potential in him or her you can get him or her to train here. Nowadays children and adolescents tend to spend more time at the computer playing games or fantasy slots, but you can make this a leisure activity and direct your child to spend less time alone. Sports teams like football are a great way to help children of all ages develop social skills, make friends, and interact with other children who have the same interests. Or maybe your child dreams to become a big football player like he sees on TV football games. Enrolling your kid or teen in a football team is a great way to help them follow their dream.

Broadheath believes that people of all ages can play football and they provide them with the best coaches and training sessions appropriate for them. The philosophy of the club is fantastic because they understand the level of each player and help them grow from that point. Training is not only serious, as the coaches teach the players to use all the parts of their foot to control the ball, but it’s also fun by playing various side games. In the club’s philosophy making mistakes is acceptable and encouraged, because it helps the players become better. Asking questions is also a big part of the training program that applies to both the coach and the players. This is important for learning and evaluating the knowledge of the players. And with all these parts of the training, the teams can make progress and impact the games in a positive way.

At the moment, the club is actually looking for passionate coaches to become their staff and help the junior teams grow. Over the years, Broadheath Central FC has been training several teams and right now, there are quite a few age categories ranging from 6 years to 18. The U18 team has been trained by the club for over 13 years. The training programme respects the development of each player, and as they get older, they learn new sets of skills based on their abilities and the type of football they are playing.

Broadheath has a designated Football Development Officer, an important role in the football clubs nowadays. The most important activity conducted by the Football Development Officer on one side is that he will develop programmes to sustain and help grow the current teams of the club. On the other side, the FDO is expected to create connections between schools and local clubs.

The team of coaches who are active in the Broadheath club are very experienced, growing their knowledge continuously. The specialisations of the football coach in the club range from the various age groups and techniques, thus having coaches who are specialised in training certain age groups and on certain aspects of the football game, like goalkeeping. The coaches profiles will be available soon, so keep in touch as we will update this information as soon as it’s available.